by Allison on July 8, 2011

in The Process

Lately I’ve totally been embracing my introversion.  So much so that I am not posting a photo to accompany this text.  How about ‘dem apples?!

This embracing hasn’t been a full on hug.  It started off with a bit more contemplation and before I knew it, I was falling head over heels into my own hermit-ude.  Fun fact – when I was younger I wanted to be a hermit.  I thought I would be a veterinarian for the forest animals & never have to be around humans.  Go figure.

But really – I look around at all these other blogs (I know, I know–do not compare thyself to others in blogitude) & I see all these creative wondrous people.  & they all seem to be SO outgoing & such social beings.

I wrinkle my nose in confusion.  I am just not that person.

I mean, I can hold my own.  If you approach me, I can hold a conversation.  I am a sentient being.  I am the daughter of “He Who Schmoozes” after all.

But what I wonder is – where are all the other introverted hermit bloggers?

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