Things that Shouldn’t Give Me Anxiety, but Do

by Allison on January 9, 2012

in (I Love) Lists


  • Presents.  (Subcategory underneath “surprises”).  I don’t like unwrapping presents.  There is that moment where the ______ is unveiled & I realize what it is.  I like it.  I gush about how much I like it.  I fawn over it & start wearing it on my head.  Or…maybe I hate it.  & I start absurdly babbling about great it is & how on earth did they know this was exactly what I need.  Or what if I don’t really understand what it is.  What if they have packed it in a box that is something completely different than what the box actually contains?  Maybe I started to react too soon.  & now I have to continue before I even see the item.  Do I react subtly?  Do I react over-the-top?  Perhaps a stunned silence could be appropriate.  It has to make sense in relation to any other presents they might have seen you open on the scale of gladness.  (The holidays are a tumultuous time for me, you can imagine.)
  • When someone keeps the door open for you as you just happen to exit simultaneously & then you both start walking the same direction.  & then all of a sudden you’re walking with a stranger but since they held the door open – there is this feeling of kinship like you can’t just shun them because then you’re the rude one.  They held the door for you!  What are you, some sort of monster?
  • When I was younger, I used to be anxious about potentially being murdered.  But I consoled myself with the knowledge that Jessica Fletcher would solve the case & give my family + friends closure – so it would all be okay.

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